The Anointing of the Messiah Deliverance Ministries - Proclaiming the Kingdom of God,
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Thank you for visiting the Home Page of The Anointing of the Messiah Deliverance MinistriesWe hope you find our website informative and encouraging.   
Our purpose is to share God's love through the ministry of Healing and Deliverance.
We pray for people in the power and authority of the name of Jesus and many people are healed of emotional scars, illnesses and set free from demonic oppression.   Many times unclean spirits are cast out and generational curses are broken with powerful, lasting results.
Through preaching and teaching we proclaim the Kingdom of God which is followed by signs, miracles, healings and the release of demonic oppression.   We help equip the Body of Christ with the truth of who God is so that they will be prepared for His soon coming return.

We have been mandated to go to the nations with the very presence of God, the Voice of God, and the Message of God to His people. Restoring and activating the Body of Christ into their end-time  prophetic realm ministries.
In the Master's Hand,
Jose and Alesa Rosario