The Anointing of the Messiah Deliverance Ministries - Proclaiming the Kingdom of God,
The below is a message from God by Interpretation of Tongues.  Interpretation of Tongues is a gift given to Believers by the Holy Spirit.   The gift of Interpretation of tongues is a supernatural verbalization and interpretation that reveals the meaning of a diverse tongue.  It operates out of the Spirit of God in the Believert instead of the mind of the Believer. The interpretation is not a word for word translation but an interpretation.  
These videos were taken at a home church gathering. The Spirit of the Lord moved us to pray after we shared a meal. Then God moved on Brother Jose by the gift of diverse tongues and used Evangelist Paul to give the interpretation of the tongues. It was God's message to the Body of Believers gathered and also a message for all those who are actively seeking God and desire to do the will of the Lord Jesus Christ.
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