The Anointing of the Messiah Deliverance Ministries - Proclaiming the Kingdom of God,
I met Alesa and Jose in 2009. My boyfriend (now husband) spoke to me about deliverance and a lot of things that I was ignorant too. I had been in church while growing but not once had I really knew the meaning of true deliverance. Before my husband and I were married he suggested that I go thru a deliverance so that he and I can have a clean slate. Deliverance is not just about demons, it is also about generational curses that you may not even know that are there, hinderances that are holding you back financially, emotionally and even health wise, and soul ties. So in Sep 2009 I went to my appointment for deliverance and I went not knowing what was going to happen but I had nothing to lose but everything to gain. There were certain things that I had opened the door to the enemy, which I had to repent and ask God for forgiveness so that the stronghold that the enemy had could be broken. God is so awesome that he revealed that my father was involved in witchcraft and ignorantly had been doing things in his mind for my happiness but in actuality it was pushing people away. That night everything was broken and I was set free. After my deliverance my boyfriend (now husband) had confessed to me that he had been thinking of leaving me, he was not sure why but that is how he felt. But Glory to God after the deliverance that feeling was gone and We have now been married for 2yrs 6ms and we are blessed with a son.G.B.
Tk you both for letting God do work in me. I can honestly say that what God put in your hearts to do for me had IMMEDIATE impact in my Marriage. I left you 3 weeks ago and my marriage has only been strengthened with the bible principles and advice you gave me. Aside from that, God has been revealing things to me on a daily basis on how I view music, bible doctrine and the need for deliverance which sadly goes so unnoticed by so many. I have shared my experiences with a few and am directing more people in your direction. May God continue to bless you for the impact.  B.B
When I was a child I experienced a lot of rejection from others and I rejected myself. I was angry with God. Jose and Alisa ministered to me inner healing and delivernce, beginning with repentance and forgivness. During this process I got stuck, with repenting to God and asking Him to forgive my anger towards him. I couldn't do it, then God showed me a vision of myself as a child, I was about 5 and standing in a room by myself. I saw myself and I looked like a messy haired angry child. Then I saw this hand reached towards me (I knew it was Jesus) and I grabbed hold of it, and as I did that, together we walked hand in hand.out of the room. I saw what was a messy haired angry child leave with her hair in two pony tails, dressed nice and free from the rejection that I had been in all my 40 years of living. Jesus was alway there just waiting for me to take His hand and when I did, this captive was set free, to recieve the real love and exceptance from my savior Jesus. Thank you Jose' and Alisa for walking me through repentance and forgivness. Learning more and more everyday His Grace and Forgivness (=) LOVE  M.R.